World Oil Prices Drop Yet Pump Prices Have Not

World Oil Prices Drop Yet Pump Prices Have Not

If you have been following the news or interested in the oil sector globally, you must know that the world crude oil prices has reached at below $70 per barrel from $115 per barrel back in June! That is a 40% price drop. Continue reading “World Oil Prices Drop Yet Pump Prices Have Not”

Job Opennings

Part of the projects I am working on is running a digital agency, where we provide services like Web Service (these include Website development, Website hosting, Website Auditing, Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising…), Social Media Service (Social Monitoring, Social media training and outsourcing), Business Analysis and Digital branding. Continue reading “Job Opennings”

My Experience With a Sore [business] Loser

Sometime last year I met a client online who runs an apartment rental services, tours and travel and an art gallery. He is a very friendly and good guy to work with.
What he wanted was someone to transfer his old three basic static (html/css) sites (which were developed a number of years back to) WordPress.

I have worked with WordPress for a number of years so this was a simple task. I put my guys to the task and all was going well until we started getting issues with his hosting company.

Continue reading “My Experience With a Sore [business] Loser”