Marketing Lessons from Eminem, 8 Miles Movie

I stumbled on this article a while ago, not only did I love the movie, reading about the marketing lessons in it alone, blew me away!

It talks about the different biases that humans have and how to make use of them.

Here, enjoy..

In 2002 I was driving to a hedge fund

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Commitment Bias 

If you have found yourself in situations where you are unhappy or uncomfortable with but still for some strange reason you can’t leave… May be this is why.

There is a cognitive bias called “commitment bias” that leads us to think that just because we’ve already put time and energy (or

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Yes, I am screwed!

The Information Curse

  • 22nd Jul 2016
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Ever been in a situation where you go searching for something, but pray you do not find it?!

Yes! That happened to me. Now I am stuck with this information, with no idea what to do with it.

Be careful what you go searching for…

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Learning New Rules – Well Some Are Old!

I have always had the entrepreneur bone in me, sadly I am not what you would call an entrepreneur – well not yet anyway! I have started and been part of a number of ventures, learnt a lot of lessons, some REALLY costly and yet I still have more to

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